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"Es importante considerar este aspecto."

Translation:It is important to consider this aspect.

November 12, 2013



I took a gamble and wrote "Its important CONSIDERING this aspect." I was fairly certain that the infinitive may be translated as the Gerund. Why is my translation incorrect? Gracias


I'm not sure, but when I read your sentence my first thought was that it (whatever it is) is important because you're considering a particular aspect. That's a bit different from saying that considering a particular aspect is what's important, which I believe is Duolingo's intended meaning.


Your English version and DL's have different meanings. What is important? In DL's -"To consider this aspect". I think you could use the gerund this way: "Considering this aspect is important", but DL generally doesn't like us to change the word order.


you use the present progressive tense instead of just using the present tense also DL knows how to screw people over with things like this


Can somebody please explain why should it not be "a considerar" here?


I think it's because the verb "considerar" is the subject of the sentence: http://spanish.about.com/od/infinitives/a/infinitive_noun.htm


Not in this case; the subject is "it", and is implied.


After the phrase "es importante", if you want to use a verb, it needs to be in the infinitive.


Why are we using an infinitive here?


"considerar" = "to consider"


Is there an actual difference between this and that in spanish ? Because it's the only word i have wrong...


Yes. "This and these both have t's, that and those don't". :) Este, esta, estos, estas all mean this/these. Ese, esa, esos, esas all mean that/those.


Oh ! I hadn't seen that answer ! Thank you so much : I had never made the connection !

[deactivated user]

    What's wrong with like ? It is one of the words translated for "considerar".


    why is the verb (considerar) not reflexive? It seems to me that "this aspect" is the thing being "considered". I believe the verb is acting back onto the subject. This sentence can seemingly have several meanings. If anybody agrees and can explain this better than i can...please respond. Thanks


    Why is it not "Es importante de considerar este aspecto"? I thought an adjective was linked to an infinitive through "de" o "para". Also can "factor" be a synonym for "aspect"?

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