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Fiesta Friday! Using Duolingo with my 4th Grade students.

I am a fourth grade teacher in Gridley, California.

In my class we celebrate Fiesta Friday every week! This involves special Friday rewards, but also language learning. We have 30 minutes of flexible time towards the end of the day, and on Fiesta Friday that time is spent in our language study groups on Duolingo.

Students self selected the language they were most interested in learning, and work with small groups around their selected language. They practice Duolingo individually on their chrome book, but also consult with each other and help their group mates with translation or pronunciation. Students follow each other on Duolingo, and engage in some friendly "who is the most fluent" competition. I am able to track student progress and shift groups to offer appropriate support for students using the Schools dashboard.

One of the most exciting groups in composed of English speakers learning Spanish and a Spanish speaker learning English! They get a chance to share their expertise of their first language with those studying it. This cross-language collaboration fosters a connection that is at other times limited by their struggle to communicate.

October 13, 2015



This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us, I love how the students in the group you described at the end can help each other using their own expertise. <3


thet is very smart of you now when I go to school I can tell my teacher about it and mabey we can start doing it in our class room thanks for the idea

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