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  5. "Die Katze frisst Brot."

"Die Katze frisst Brot."

Translation:The cat is eating bread.

October 14, 2015



Is frisst referring "to eat" for animals? Why not use esse or isst?


Ýes exactly. Animals "fressen", while humans "essen". It really seems though as if duolingo should specify this somewhere, if it hasn't been done so yet. There have been a ton of questions about this lately. In colloquial speech, many native speakers do use "essen" for "fressen" (I know I do, though you shouldn't do it the other way around and use "fressen" when talking about humans, unless you want to be rude), but it's technically not correct. It's just one of those little quirks that each language has, like the two different "to be" words in Spanish, or the different words for meat on a living animal (pig, cow, calf, sheep...) vs. a dead one (pork, beef, veal, mutton...) in English.


Duolingo has specified it somewhere, when you scroll down on animals it shows how to conjugate it:

Unlike English, German has two similar but different verbs for to eat: essen and fressen. The latter is the standard way of expressing that an animal is eating something. Be careful not to use fressen to refer to humans – this would be a serious insult. Assuming you care about politeness, we will not accept your solutions if you use fressen with human subjects.

The most common way to express that a human being is eating something is the verb essen. It is not wrong to use it for animals as well, so we will accept both solutions. But we strongly recommend you accustom yourself to the distinction between essen and fressen.

Fortunately, both verbs are conjugated very similarly:

essen = fressen (for animals)

ich esse = ich fresse

du isst = du frisst

er/sie/es isst = er/sie/es frisst

wir essen = wir fressen

ihr esst = ihr fresst

sie/Sie essen = sie/Sie fressen


A complete verb list, very useful thank you


Also under tips and notes for this skill :)


it is specified at the begining under the lessons start buttons Maybe it was not when you posted the comment.


You can think of the difference between frissen und essen as the same as the difference between feed and eat. ("Feed" in the intransitive sense, because people do feed (transitive) their pets.)

Livestock feeds on grass and hay. People eat salad and mutton.


Animals feed on fodder and humans eat food. I remember a kind of trail mix in the vending machine at the Internationale Schule Hamburg many years ago that was called "Studenten Futtter" or student fodder. That's German humor for you. ;-)


Yes. They use a different word for animals than tjey do for people. Wir Essen Tier fressen


How would you say the plural: "The cats are eating bread"? Because "die" is already used for singular


Die Katzen fressen Brot


Logicaly cats doesn't eat bread


Ich glaube nicht dass das gut für die Katze ist.


So, our of curiosity, which would be more insulting? "Du isst wie ein Schwein." or "Du frisst, wie ein Schwein."


how do I know when "frisst" means "eats" or "is eating"?


In general: never.

Think of frisst as "feeding"--in the sense of what animals do to ingest food. Essen is "eating"--in the sense of how people consume food.

But as far as the present tense goes, "eats" and "is eating" (or "feeds" and "is feeding") are essentially equivalent. So "Die Kuh frisst" means both "the cow feeds" and "the cow is feeding". There's really no difference.


I wrote the exact meaning. Why it's showing that I'm wrong?


If you don't copy/paste your full answer or provide a screen shot, nobody knows exactly what you wrote. Without knowing precisely what you wrote, it is not possible to answer your question.


Fix your audio recognition please, it didnt hear me say katze evem thoufh I did! And my pronunciation was correct. Plwsse give me my righful points!


Why don't we use einen or eine Katze ?

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