"Das ist nicht regional."

Translation:This is not regional.

January 5, 2013

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Elsewhere duolingo accepts "local" as English for "regional," but not here. What is the difference between local and regional?


regional covers a larger area (though both are relative terms)...but they're pretty much interchangeable in most contexts just like in English. I had the same error.


don't think duo is known for consistency


I hate when you hover over the word, it gives you a choice, you use that choice, and the answer is wrong!


Usually going with the top answer is the safest bet but there are times where it totally screws you. You are right.


Pretty much everywhere else where duolingo uses "this" and "that" they only accept "this" = "es" and "that" = "das"... Made that mistake a few times, but here it is opposite... "This" = "das"?


Das should be able to translate to either this / that provided that it doesn't modify a noun, in which case it can only be translated to the. From my experience, the only acceptable translation by Duo of es is it... Although (if I remember my readings correctly) there are instances in conversational German where es can heavily imply this/that IF both parties know what they're talking about.

However, I'm only a fellow learner here, so I defer to any native speaker regarding this.

EDIT: I experimented with translating es to this/that, and Duo did not accept either. I think I was thinking of articles instead of es when I was typing earlier.


Is anyone else bothered by regional=local in English? I don't think they're at all equivalent.


I agree. In norwegian we say local newspaper and regional newspaper. A region is a much bigger area, and local means for example within the same village. Regional would be like the same part of the country. Like within the same country. Although it is more often devided by geography and cultural similarities than by official name.


Within the same county i meant.


madsleo I would agree with you. The samer pertains in the UK


It would be unusual in British English to use 'regional' by itself - it would normally have a noun after: eg. regional cheese, regional policy etc.


Can somebody please explain the context of using this sentence?


Your "organic produce" isn't even local! (Maybe?)


I'd say this is most likely said at a farmer's market. There's an ongoing local and organic trend in the U.S. It'd be a big deal if someone advertised a local product that actually came from elsewhere.


Can someone give me the phonetics for "regional" please?


Why "this is not local" wrong?


Why is "local" not accepted ?


I hate how sometimes since I am really immersed in the language that when I slip up translating German into English, I may write "ist" instead of "is". Give me a break and count it as correct

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|-/ das ist regional, regional am besten


Don't you just love cognates? :)


Does anyone else find the male voice and pronunciation harder to figure out? It seems like the female voice enunciates better.


"That is not from the region" was marked wrong...I know that regional is an adjective. But what does "regional" mean if not "from the region"? And if that's what it means, why should it be marked wrong. Duo is not always so literal with adjectives, e.g. "das ist sinnvoll" is translated by Duo as "that makes sense".


Das is this OR that !


It can be either. German does not make as clear-cut of a distinction between "this" and "that" as English does, and often both are translated as "das." Both "This is not regional" and "That is not regional" are correct.

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