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"De skulle ha spist lunsj i dag."

Translation:They should have eaten lunch today.

October 14, 2015



Can you not say "will have" with skulle?


In conditional tense both ville and skulle (and other auxiliaries) can be used, this sentence is in 2 conditional tense (skulle/ville + ha + participle of the verb). However, ville suggest there's a condition missing, and the sentence is incomplete without it. Skulle works good on it's own here.

De ville ha spist lunsj i dag, om ikke bussen var forsinket. They would have eaten lunch today, if the bus hadn't been delayed.


And how do you say "they will have eaten lunch"? Can you only say it with "kommer att"?


Kommer att is Swedish (de kommer att äta lunch), in Norwegian it would be kommer til å. But De kommer til å spise lunsj = they will eat lunch. To get the right tense = De kommer til å ha spist lunsj. It's a bit strange to use kommer til å in this construction unless it is an answer to a question, de vil ha spist lunsj stands better on it's own.


I see, thanks.


Could this mean you're assuming this?


Why not "They should have eaten lunch yesterday " what did i missed in the construction?


it's today - i dag not yesterday - i går


I've reported the audio - when it's at full speed it's indistinguishable whether it says "Vi/De"

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