"Mormoren min sender meg mat."

Translation:My grandmother sends me food.

October 14, 2015



Can somebody please explain this to me: what is the difference in the use of possessive adjectives in statements when something like "boken sin" or "sin bok" occurs ?

October 14, 2015


I'm not sure how your question is related to this sentence, but you could probably start by looking at the information at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Possessives

October 14, 2015


I got. If it's deffinite form we need to invert the positions of adjectives and nouns.

October 14, 2015


I also don't understand... It's mostly noun + possessive. Possessive + noun emphasizes the possessor.

October 14, 2015


Yes. It's either Bilen min (definitive noun + possessive) or Min bil (possessive + indefinite noun).

Or Den grønne bilen min vs Min grønne bil (my green car). Det store huset mitt vs Mitt store hus (my big house). The adjective is always stuck in front of the noun, so it doesn't change it's place as such.

And as Luke_5.1991 says, if the possessive is in front of the noun if emphasises the possessor.

October 14, 2015


"Å sende" can also be used as an expression to "send" food at the dinner table. In English we sometimes call this "passing" the food. Ie "Kan du sende meg noe mat"

December 3, 2016


What's wrong with "is sending me food"?

December 27, 2016


"Is sending" is accepted.

January 10, 2017


'Is' wasnt in the options......

July 2, 2017


You may use 'sends' instead of 'is sending'.

March 21, 2018


Could someone explain me why "My maternal mother is sending me food" is not correct? Takk

June 6, 2018


It would have to be "maternal grandmother".

August 8, 2018
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