"Somos los hijos de la humanidad."

Translation:We are the children of humanity.

January 5, 2013



Revelation: We are the offspring of our species.

February 2, 2013


It sounds like it comes from some sci-fi story. The robots awaken, and announce that they're the Children of Humanity, ready to inherit the Earth from us...

March 10, 2014


Yes, like the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. I think they use this line.

May 17, 2014


So weird. I paused the finale of Battlestar Galactica to complete this lesson and this sentence came up. Freaky :-)

July 28, 2014


Yup...It's pretty weird that you paused the finale of Battlestar Galactica... ; D

September 18, 2014


You must be under surveillance by DL :D.

October 28, 2014


Apropos of nothing, I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea of a girl Starbuck.

October 2, 2014


Or perhaps a PUNK band introduction. WE ARE THE SON(g)S OF HUMANITY!

June 18, 2014



February 27, 2016


get micheal bay to direct that

June 22, 2014


Get anyone BUT Michael Bay to direct that.

July 20, 2014


Made me lol.

February 13, 2014


Sounds quite poetic in a wishy-washy sort of way.

December 20, 2013


Duolingo is waxing poetic.

íSomos los padres del futuro!

March 7, 2014

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I omitted both articles and got marked wrong. I'm unsure why "we are the children" is different than "we are children" when it's a given there's no other class represented here.

October 13, 2013


I feel like there is a possession here. 'We are the children of humanity' in the sense that 'we are humanity's children'.

May 4, 2014


I put "We are children of the humanity" and got it wrong. 2 right variants now are: • we are children of humanity. • We are the children of humanity.

August 22, 2015



February 13, 2014


Why not "We are children of humanity?".

April 14, 2014


Indeed!! Why not "We are children of humanity?"

June 21, 2014


Because then the phrase would be 'Somos hijos.......' instead of 'Somos los hijos...............' the 'los' tells you that we are 'THE' children of humanity, as if there are no others. If there was not the 'los' it would be an all round 'We're all the children of humanity'

November 17, 2014


Could you help me understand why it's wrong to put "we are the children of the humanity"? "The" before humanity is wrong but I don't understand why when it has de la humanity.

November 23, 2014

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The reason it was marked wrong is easy - it hasn't been entered into the list of correct answers. The hard part is deciding if it should be. I'd say yes. It still conveys the meaning even though to me it sounds a little odd in English. It is perfectly literal, but that's not usually a good thing to shoot for in real world translation.

November 23, 2014


but 'la humanidad' means 'the humanity'..then why the translation shouldn't be "we are the children of the humanity"?

June 1, 2015


I'm not too sure on this, but in theory I'm guessing it's that. I'm only 13 so I've just started studying Spanish.

November 17, 2014

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Wonderful, because the earlier you start, the better it works. After around the age of 5, it is very hard. If you succeed even to a modest degree, it will stand out like a beacon on a resumé.

November 17, 2014


Way cool, dude. And is an important tip which I wish I had known when I was your age. We make progress from making mistakes. No mistakes, no progress. Think about that.

June 17, 2015


Thank you! I'll keep it in mind:)

July 3, 2015

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Actually, the reverse question had "children of humanity" with a required translation of "de la humanidad", so, naturally, I did this one as "de la humanidad" to "of humanity" and got it wrong again. Oct 11, 2014.

October 12, 2014


'Cause... that's not what the Spanish says.

June 17, 2015

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The article often is or has to be dropped or added in translation.

June 17, 2015


One thing you can depend on is that when something specific is being talked about, such as "the children," or "the duck," or "the watch," or whatever certain thing, the article gets carried over.

June 17, 2015


We are the sons of humanity...


November 17, 2013


Wouldn't mankind be right as well

September 3, 2013


I got it marked wrong, but I am going to report on this. I think it should be accepted.

September 5, 2013


My dictionary gives mankind for humanidad as well. I totally agree with you.

February 8, 2014


The above was my reply to s.Lehill Jane.

February 8, 2014


I agree, this sentence is definitely weird. But "We are the children of humans/mankind [or similar]" is downright absurd. If Duolingo does mean that, then this sentence is not helpful at all.

The only way I can make the sentence work is to take a secondary meaning of "humanity," which means learning concerned with human culture, or even more Euro-centric, Latin and Greek philosophy. It's still obscure, but it has at least some meaning!

April 8, 2014


I wouldn't say Duolingo's sentence was "downright absurd" or "not helpful at all". The point of these lessons isn't in learning the exact phrases by heart, but in learning how Spanish sentence constructions work.

For that matter, I think Duolingo is doing a really great job here. In a rather amusing way, too.

June 14, 2014


Language is learned best in context. Examples can be silly, I agree ("I am a duck," etc.), but in this sentence I was concerned to find out whether "humanidad" is a cognate word in English (for humanity) or whether it might have an extended meaning not contained in the English meaning.

Spanish constructions and vocabulary can be absorbed much more efficiently using contextual sentences, not other-world statements that have no connection to reality (and, yes, funny and absurd statements can be contextual). This sentence makes sense if we take "humanidad" to mean learning in the sense I noted above. As such, the sentence is fine.

I agree that Duolingo generally does a good job.

June 15, 2014


Nothing like being spoon fed eh? Care for some pablum?

We should be able to translate whatever is thrown at us. It is not our position to reject sentences because we don't like them.

June 17, 2015


Somos el mundo. Somos los ninos.

June 6, 2014


Somos los que hacemos un día más brillante. Así que empecemos a dar.

July 20, 2014


Is there a difference between "nin~os and "hijos"?

September 1, 2014


Yes. Niños refers to their status as young people (chronological age). Hijos refers to their status as somebody's offspring. So, “Children are fun." would use 'niños' because it's just 'young people' (in general). “Your children are fun." would use 'hijos' because you're referring to their status as somebody's offspring.

Hijos are hijos forever, by the way. Sons and daughters don't cease to be offspring once they've matured. Niños is specifically about an age and development.

September 30, 2014


Of course! Thank you for the explanation.

October 3, 2014


Yes, niños is "children" and hijos are like sons or a mixed group of sons and daughters or like saying MY kids, or YOUR kids. OR you could say "mis hijos son bonitos" MEANING my children (mixed group of sons and daughters) are handsome/pretty. Or" my sons are handsome". It wouldn't be correct to say:mis NIÑOS son bonitos.

December 12, 2014


why do you need the article la?

September 3, 2014


Bassicaly we are humans not robots

May 15, 2018


Although the sentence in Spanish has the article "los", isn't "Sons of humanity"a better translation I would say "We are the children" but not "We are the sons""

February 23, 2013


In Spanish, any group of people containing both men and women is referred to in the masculine. So "los hijos" could mean the sons or the children, but "las hijas" means the daughters.

March 10, 2013


Jim: Look above, top of page. The translation IS "....children of..... (at least on my screen)

September 13, 2013


Why isn't human kind an option?

May 4, 2013


I think humankind is usually one word. Other than that, it sounds reasonable.

March 22, 2014


Why not accept sons/daughters?

May 8, 2013


"We are the sons of humanity," is now accepted. See waiting4beckett's comment above. (Los hijos can not be translated as daughters.)

September 1, 2013


same reason 'my parents' is 'mis padres'. It's a gendered language, and like other European languages and Western civ in general, is skewed towards male as default.

July 20, 2014


It didn't like "humanities' sons"

January 12, 2014

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We are humanity's sons. I don't have a clue if the subject of humanities is also plural in Spanish, but I kinda think not.

January 13, 2014


I think it wanted to say, "we are the children of the world," which are the lyrics of a song that went viral a few decades ago.

May 12, 2014


Ah, poetry!

August 6, 2014


We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones..

September 13, 2014


Mankind is not accepted this is broken yet again

September 29, 2014


mankind !

October 4, 2014


'The' humanity -.-

November 29, 2014


I have written correctly WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE HUMANITY and been given wrong again. WHY.

June 18, 2015


It said "the" in the underline..........

July 16, 2015


what is wrong with "we are sons of the humanity"

July 22, 2015


It was very to understand her pronunciation on this phrase

August 30, 2015


Why is it not "We are the kids of the humanity?"

October 24, 2015



October 26, 2015


we're the kids of humanity should work too...

January 8, 2016


This sounds like a slogan for an environmentalist group.

January 22, 2017



December 1, 2017


Nope, no narcissism here!

June 16, 2018


"We are the children of the human race." is not accepted

July 27, 2019


Okay, yeah, it's a pretty writer's sentence. To me it sounds like bad political propaganda.

Back to the language: Do you need an article to go with all indirect subjects in a sentence? Otherwise why "la humanidad"?

July 1, 2014


agree with "duck" very picky, you need to allow for small errors but the meaning/understanding is the same. found this throughout and it is very frustrating so I feel this needs to be looked at. I feel in true conversation that i would be well understood Saying that though this is a brilliant site best language learning ever. Who do I contact to make a suggestion for improvement? tonyhi54@hotmail.co.uk

August 19, 2014


I put "We are the sons of humanity" and lost my last heart! I lost heart!

November 10, 2013


Don't forget the daughters and you won't lose heart.

July 20, 2014
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