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Activity Details

Some of my students are not showing up as having been logged in under activity details when I know that they are logged in. Does a student have to complete a lesson to show as being logged in? It does not appear that if a student logs in and does nothing or fails to complete a lesson that they show up in the activity details for the day. Thank you

October 14, 2015




Do you mean that the days are not counting for those students or that the students themselves are not showing up on that "Activity Details" list? Students will not have timestamped "active" days on the teacher's dashboard unless they earn at least a point in a lesson or practice session that day. I hope this answers your question. :]


Thanks, just to make sure I understand. Let's say a student signs in for a 40 minute class on October 16. Opens a lesson but does nothing or very little, earning no points. Then at the end of the 40 minute class signs out. If I understand correctly, nothing will show up in the activity log for that day. It will appear as if they had not signed in or had missed the class. Thanks.

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