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  5. "Are my shirts small on you?"

"Are my shirts small on you?"

Translation:Gömleklerim sana küçük mü?

October 14, 2015



is it right ? " gömleklerim üstünde küçük mü ? "


What's the difference between "sana" and "sende" in this sentence?


Sana = To you (Dative)

Sende = At you (Locative)

Sorry for 2 years of delay :)


Small means that küçük not dar


Gömleklerim sana küçük müsün? Is this OK?


We don't need the -sün in this sentence.

The word "müsün" means "are you?" But in this sentence, we are questioning the shirts (not "you"), so we can just say "mü" :-)


Why is "benim gömleklerim küçük sana mı" wrong? What's the rule for words order here?


I think that is wrong. Even in an is-are-copula sentence (pretend it's not a question), you want to follow S(O)V order. Here we have "[subject] is/are [predicate]," so that dictates your word order:

subject = my shirts = (benim) gömleklerim
predicate = small to you = sana küçük
my shirts are small to you = (benim) gömleklerim sana küçük
[There is no suffix to add for the 3rd-pers copula, but if there were one to add, it would go at the end of küçük.]

Then to turn it into a Y/N question, you only need to add a question particle (obeying vowel harmony) after whatever you want to question.


This is when I wish I could learn it from Hungarian. We say it very similarly.

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