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"Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer."

Translation:His education is not expensive.

November 12, 2013



"Bildung" vs "Erziehung" - any difference?


I think "Bildung" is more specifically education (at school, college) while "Erziehung" can also be "upbringing" and what your parents teach you by their parenting. I'm not sure if there are any other differences.


Very helpful. Thanks!


so thats why costly is wrong, does not fit


Difference between Erziehung, Bildung, and Ausbildung?



You can read the comment above, it answers part of your question. Ausbildung is the education one gets in a college, after finishing Gymnasium. It usually lasts three years and there people learn "general" kinds of professions (banker, hairdresser, nurse, cook...).


You are correct but you do not need college or Gymnasium. In Germany everything goes by titles, no matter what you want to be, you will need a title for it. Length of an Ausbildung depends on the profession you are aiming for. Three, two or one year is all very normal. The professions that you can learn there are pretty much all but the ones that are in universities (i think you need to go to university to be a banker, but don't quote me on that)


Why not 'dear' for 'expensive'?


Habe Folgendes eben gemeldet (2015-06-11):

Ich halte den deutschen Satz "Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer." aus zwei Gründen für unpassend in Bezug auf die von Duo vorgeschlagene Übersetzung "His education is not expensive.":

1.) In Deutschland zahlt man, wenn überhaupt, dann eher für Bildung und nicht für Erziehung. Erziehung findet zu Hause oder im sozialen Umfeld statt und läuft nebenher. Eine Ausnahme könnte der Kindergarten sein, wo es angestellte Erzieher/innen gibt, oder ein Internat, das auch für die Erziehung zuständig ist. Das Hauptaugenmerk einer regulären Schule, einer Universität oder bei einer Ausbildungsstelle liegt auf der Vermittlung von Wissen und Fähigkeiten - also auf Bildung - und nicht auf der Erziehung. Erziehung ist vorrangig die Aufgabe der Eltern. Wenn Schüler "unerzogen" sind, beschweren sich die Lehrer bei den Eltern. Erziehung kann man in der Regel nicht "kaufen", daher ergibt die Aussage "Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer" kaum einen Sinn.

2.) Der englische Satz enthält das Wort "education" und dieses Wort ist eher bei "Bildung" als bei "Erziehung" angesiedelt.

===> Vorschlag:
Ändert den deutschen Satz und macht daraus: "Seine Bildung ist nicht teuer." oder noch besser: "Seine Ausbildung ist nicht teuer."


You put quite an effort to write it in German, thank you. And thanks to Duolingo too, because ich habe alles verstehen.


Well, I don't think I got 20% of it; by far the most complex piece of German writing I have yet seen. Still, it deserves a couple lingots.


I think the problem is that the English word "education" has two meanings: "upbringing" (="Erziehung") and "learning, training" (="Bildung"). Normally you have to pay at most for the latter.

Let me try to translate to bad English what I have written more than one year ago:

On June 11th, 2015, I reported to the duolingo team roughly the following in German:

The German sentence "Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer" and the translation "His education is not expensive", which is proposed by Duolingo, do not fit very well because of two reasons:

1) In Germany you pay rather for training than for upbringing. Upbringing takes place alongside at home or in the social context. One exception may be the kindergarten. There are salaried educators (partly payed by the parents). Another exception may be a boarding school you have to pay for. It is also in charge for upbringing, not only for training. The main focus of a regular school, of a college or at an apprenticeship training position is to place knowledge and skills - that means training, not upbringing. Upbringing is the paramount task of the parents. If pupils are underbred ("unerzogen") the teachers complain about them to the parents. Normally you can't "buy" upbringing, therefore the sentence "Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer" does not make any sense.

2) The English sentence contains "education" and this word relates more to training than to upbringing.

===> My proposal: Change the German sentence to "Seine Bildung ist nicht teuer" or even better "Seine Ausbildung ist nicht teuer."

So far my translation :-)

If you are interested in here are some aspects of the German educational system:

The main focus of school is to transfer knowledge (learning, training, "Bildung"). The increasing social problems and the extended periods students stay at school today moved this focus during last decades a little bit towards upbringing, manners and social activities (see also https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schulsozialarbeit#Aktuelle_Entwicklungen).


why "costly" is not accepted for "teuer"??


I suggested the answer "Her education is not expensive", but the correct answer is "his education is not expensive". I'm not sure what in the sentence indicates that the subject must be masculine in this case. Can someone help me with this?


"Seine Erziehung ist nicht teuer." = "His education is not expensive."
"Ihre Erziehung ist nicht teuer." = "Her education is not expensive."


Thank you! I get it. Have to remember my cases!


if only this sentence was true for the US....


"His tuition is not expensive." Is rejected. When talking about how much education costs, at least in US English one can say "tuition".


dear=expensive They are synonyms.


The pronunciation of "Erziehung" when you roll over the word seems to be wrong as the accent seems to be placed on the first syllable in the recording. Check google translate or a dictionary on this one as the second syllable should be accented.


... weil er Duolingo benutzen!!!!!

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