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Lingot suggestion

Does anyone else think that it would be nice if you got an alert when someone gave you a lingot? Because I get one sometimes, I don't know where it came from and I can't thank the person who gave it to me.

I have just had the idea that someone could set up a Charity Support page on Duolingo (eg. Medicins Sans Frontiers, British Red Cross, PDSA etc.) where other users could give lingots if they support the charity. If you give lingots, you post "Support. _ lingots" and how many lingots you gave. The person with the page would give you back your lingots when you say you have donated money to that charity. Of course, it would be based on trust. - 15/10/15

October 14, 2015



Yes. I would like to have a log for lingot use (donations, gifts, earnings, and purchases). And now, on 10/14/15, at 1:04 pm EST, I hereby entitle you 1 Ł (lingot) from my stash of 375 Ł


This is a great point to bring up, often I see that a lingot seemingly appeared out of thin air. Usually when given a lingot you have no way of even knowing what post you recieved it on unless someone comments to inform you.

Unfortunately this likely falls into the category of small updates Duolingo doesn't have time for, but I would love to see it!


This is probably a silly question but what do I spend lingots on? I bought the two outfits and bonus skills, now what?


You can give them to others. That's all.


What is an outfit? I only have streak freeze, double or nothing, timed practice and a progress test in dutch.


The outfits are only on the mobile version - you can make Duo the owl wear different clothes by buying him a new outfit with lingots in the app.


Are bonus skills also only on the mobile version? I need to get a phone that does more than call and text lol


No, the bonus skills are also available on the web. You can get to the web version of the lingot store by clicking on the lingots indicator in the duolingo menu bar.

EDIT: I'm not sure if dutch has bonus skills though, I believe there are some language trees that don't.


That sounds like a good idea to me!


that would be a great idea!


Maybe how many lingots they give is how many dollars they have to pay the charity.


Yeah, that's what I thought!

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