"I am biking to your children."

Translation:Ik fiets naar uw kinderen.

3 years ago



this is continuous present .... my answer was : Ik ben aan het fietsen naar jouw kinderen .

not correct ?

3 years ago

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You're definitely on the right track, well done! You're sentence structure is just a little off. If you decide to formulate your continuous present like that, the general rule is this:

  • [subject] - [active verb] - [adverbial clause] - ["aan het"] - [inactive verb].
  • Ik - ben - naar jouw kinderen - aan het - fietsen.

Keep in mind that this sentence structure is only used when something is currently happening. So if someone were to call you while you were actually on a bike, cycling towards their kids, and ask you what you were doing, this could be your answer.

If you want to make it easier on yourself (like many Dutch people do as well), just say:

  • Ik fiets nu naar jouw kinderen.

It means the same :)

Happy learning!

3 years ago


Bedankt Charlotte :)

3 years ago
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