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Where is the page for Ukrainian words learned? Why not a virtual keyboard produced by duolingo?

I am learning Ukrainian for almost three weeks, but I can't access the page for Ukrainian words learned. Where is the page for Ukrainian words learned? We need it, we want it! As a Ukrainian learner I need to switch between Portuguese keyboard and Ukrainian keyboard all the time and this isn't necessary. If we go to the google translator page and choose Ukrainian, we will see that they have a google virtual keyboard for Ukranian(http://s24.postimg.org/dftc9wft1/screenshot.jpg). Why we don't have?Why not a virtual keyboard produced by duolingo for Ukrainian?

<pre> Waiting for a change, </pre>

Ukranian learner

October 14, 2015



For the keyboard you could always do lessons on the mobile app because I know Apple devices have a Ukrainian keyboard. Or if you can master the English equivalent sounds from Ukrainian then you can switch alphabets (Cyrillic-Latin) in each lesson; the button to do so is in the top left corner of a lesson


I think most devices offer a Ukrainian keyboard. I have a both Samsung and Windows devices and both offer the Ukrainian. Though as a side note, they vary in layout. My windows phone does not include the letter ї so I have been reluctant to use my phone for lessons.

Other than that, it's a breeze.


It's probably as iOS, tap and hold "i" to get ï


Swiftkey has a very good Ukrainian keyboard and I believe it can be used for dual input with Russian keyboard as well. I understand your pain as I have a similar issue, but I'm using the Latin equivalent sounds for now (can be changed at the top of the lesson) and will move to Ukrainian character set once I'm much more comfortable with the language.

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