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Unable to add a new language to learn

I am currently on "learning German from English" level 19. The other day I wanted to get into "learning English from Spanish", but the program seems to be having trouble with that. While doing the English tree, my German skill tree went kaputt. Just gone. I had to sign out and get back in to "recover" my German skill tree.

But now, my English skill tree does not appear next to my profile, and there is no way for me to access it.

Any help would be appreciated.

My native language is Spanish, and besides being here to learn German, I'd love to have the opportunity to practice my English translation skills in the "Inmersion" section.

November 12, 2013



Normally if you want to start learning English, you need to go to your settings menu (gear symbol) and change your "learning language". Doesn't that work for you?


Well, that's what I have to do if I want to access my English skill tree.

And when I want to get back to my German skill tree, it is the same thing all over: I have to go to settings and select "I want to learn German". But there is no way to change between languages I am already learning in the usual way.

So, Duolingo seems to have created to different profiles for me: one for learning German (and whatever other language I would like to add -French, Italian, Spanish-) and another separate profile for learning English.

It's as if Duolingo won't allow me to have both the German and English ribbons or banners in a single profile.


I see. Somebody created a similar discussion nine hours ago where I answered: "That is because the program needs to switch interfaces (changing everything to a different language). Maybe it will become easier to switch when new languages become available in the Incubator (incubator.duolingo.com)."

From this discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1104299


Thanks for the link. It seems a few of us are asking the same thing. You are probably right. The change of the interface has to be the cause of this issue.

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