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"Vet du hva kronprinsen heter?"

Translation:Do you know what the crown prince's name is?

October 14, 2015



Why is "do you know what is the name of the crown prince" wrong?


"Do you know the name of the crown prince?" Actually, this would be a better translation to proper English. Ending a sentence, even a question, with a preposition is incorrect, despite it's common, modern use. Duolingo generally suggests common usage rather than the legal, proper form.


But there is no preposition in the original sentence. 'Is' is not a preposition. There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "Do you know what the crown prince's name is?"

Ending sentences with a preposition is not really wrong or improper, either; it was basically a (very successful) linguistic crusade perpetrated several centuries ago that a lot of people listened to and believed. But since there's no actual preposition here, I'm not going to get into that further. ;-)


I believe his name is Haakon.


What is the difference between a prince and a crown prince?


A crown prince is set to inherit the crown. He may have younger brothers, and they would just be princes.

Once our current crown prince becomes king, his eldest will become Norway's crown princess.

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