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"Esto me recuerda que es hora de regresar al barco."

Translation:This reminds me that it is time to return to the ship.

November 12, 2013



These are some really useful things to say, and I'm genuinely not being sarcastic. Duolingo love :)

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This reminds me that it's time to return to the ship. was accepted, but normally we say "that reminds me".


Well, that would be

Eso me recuerda que es hora de regrasar al barco.

I'm sure you know that though ;)

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Here it's different right at the moment, but normally the translator is told to be careful not to be literal, but rather to translate the meaning to the idiom of the reader. As we progress, we add those shades in a comment - and I did.


But that reminds me is not an idiom...


Well, it is how sentences like this one are usually structured in English. It's not a literal translation, but saying, "This reminds me," instead of, "that reminds me," sounds awkward and not like what a native speaker would say.


I can see both sides of this argument. While "that reminds me" is by far more commonly what you would hear, "this reminds me" is the correct translation and could apply to something specific and near at hand, for which "that" would not apply. eg "This [timetable] reminds me..." So DL is right not to accept "that". Having said that, "That reminds me" is borderline idiomatic because we often use it for things that are specific and near at hand and should technically be described by "this". To further complicate matters Spanish speakers learning English should be aware that we often use "this" for things that are in the present, but "that" for things that are in the past. So, if somebody mentions something that reminds us, we generally do not say "this reminds me" even though the conversation is ongoing, but instead "that reminds me" because what they have said is in the immediate past. Man, I could go on all day, but I won't.


Why is "....remembers me...." wrong?

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Recordar can be remember or remind, but the subject here is esto, and in English, things don't remember (OK, computers do have memory). But any object or event can remind you of something.


Wouldn't "de que" fit better here than just "que"? "de que" vs. "que" vs. "del que" is really confusing me.


This has to be one of my favorite Duolingo sentences. Perhaps DL should create T-shirts (a great advertising vehicle) with the top 5 sentences. What are some other favorites?


My favourite so far is: "His horses do not eat rice". :)


I like these: "pato contra tortuga", "el mono sin sombra" and "los libros son hijos del cerebro" :D


They actually used to sell a T-shirt that said "Mi oso bebe cerveza" My bear drinks beer.


por qué la palabra "de" es en esta frase?


This reminds me it's time to go...marked wrong?!


me too. I don´t see that ´that´ is essential


Help, please. Es hora DE regressar but I recall other constructs of the form Es hora + inf (without the DE). Is this determined by the particular verb? Thanks.


Hi Kyle. Can you give an example of "Es hora + inf (sin de)"? I think you need a preposition.


I will, as soon as I see it again. All I can remember (no pun!) right now is "It is time to..." but the infinitive is eluding me. It stuck out precisely because I used 'de' and was marked wrong. I'll update this thread when it comes to me. Thanks!


All good. Post it as a response rather than an edit so a notification comes through. Cheers.


I wrote exactly the answer, yet stupid do had corrected me...wtf


Why "This reminds me that it is time to come back to the ship" is wrong?


"Come back" implies you are already there. "Go back" would be fine.

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