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"De fleste kjører bil til jobb."

Translation:Most people drive a car to work.

October 14, 2015



I highly doubt it.


'The majority drives a car to work' should be correct? My understanding is that 'the majority' is considered one unit, so the verb should be in 3rd person, singular.


Or is there so strong implication to 'The majority of the people' that even if 'of the people' is omitted, the form of the verb remains without the suffix '-s' ?


In British English, collective nouns (the band, the group, the government) are treated as plural nouns: "The band are touring Europe." In American English, such nouns are normally treated as singular: "The band is touring Europe." Having said that, as a native speaker of American English, I would opt for "The majority drive a car to work". And yet, we have the pat phrase "The majority rules".


In Western Canadian English, "The majority drives a car to work," would be the most used option. That sentence should be included as a correct translation.


Bil . Biler. Bilene So why is the translation plural in this sentence?


Not 100% sure what you mean. "kjøre(r) bil" is a set phrase that does not need to be altered. It essentially just means "drive," and the car itself is an afterthought.


sorry it was my phone that messed it up :'D but thanks for the explanation ^_^


In English it wold be more common to say 'most people drive to work', with 'a car' being implied. Would that work in Norwegian too?

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