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"Morgaŭ mia kuzo kaj mi komencos labori kune."

Translation:Tomorrow my cousin and I will start working together.

October 15, 2015



Well i said 'my cousin and me'. And i knoww its wrong. But its not THAT wrong. Its what 99 percent of people after all


Yes, English is one of the most spoken languages, but none one of the best spoken.


Ain't that the truth! ;-D


And I wish it was what 1% would say.


"Tomorrow my cousin and I start working together." seems to mean the same thing without the word "will" in it.


In English, once you've said "tomorrow," you've already established future tense, so saying "Tomorrow my cousin and I begin/start working together" means the same exact thing as "Tomorrow my cousin and I WILL begin/start working together," so I'm not sure why even after 3 years it still counts as wrong when you use the former.


Saluton, Niko! Ĉu vi volas iri keglaro kun min?

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