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  5. "Do you like these shoes?"

"Do you like these shoes?"

Translation:Bu ayakkabıları beğendin mi?

October 15, 2015



Why is seviyor wrong?


I'm with you. Duo gives the first suggestion as "seviyor musun" but marks it wrong.


If you are asking about someones reaction (if they like something for example), the verb is in the past tense. You would have to say "sevdin" here


It doesn't seem as though this should be past tense though. if you have the object (the shoes) and are asking "do you like these shoes?" then wouldn't seviyorsun work?


I continue to struggle with ayakkabı. It seems as though sometimes you use the singular to indicate a pair, but this sentence uses the plural. Is the sentence suggesting that the "bu" here are a whole table full of shoes or just a pair? As I said, I'm struggling. Can someone help? Thanks!


"ayakkabı" in the singular can either refer to a pair of shoes or a single shoe. Context will tell you which one it is.

'ayakkabılar" can refer to a pair or a several shoes. Once again, context will tell you :)


The problem is that the English sentence doesn't give us context for this sentence, since anytime there is more than one shoe, we use plural.


İs "sevmek" used for human only ?


Nope, it could be used here. :)


I will say that this sentence is not an example of the past tense in English. If someone said this to you, they mean "Do you like these shoes now." It's the kind of thing a sales person would say or a parent buying shoes for a child would say.


Agreed, "do" implies present tense while "did" implies past


how can i put ayakabbı in accusative case ayakabbıyı??

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