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  5. "Tá sé do m'athrú."

" do m'athrú."

Translation:He is changing me.

October 15, 2015



What role does 'do' play?

[deactivated user]
    1. The combination ag + verbal noun indicates an ongoing action. Here it is ag athrú.
    2. If the verbal noun is followed by an object then the object is in the genitive case (tuiseal ginideach). Here the object is the pronoun .
    3. To put a pronoun in the genitive case use is made of the possessive adjectives mo, do, a etc.
    4. To say ag athrú mé is wrong as is not in the genitive case.
    5. Instead the construction ag mo athrú should be used.
    6. However when it's ag (mo, do, bhur) ag is replaced with do.
    7. Finally mo athrú is written as m'athrú.
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