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"En kopp kaffe og en kopp te, takk."

Translation:A cup of coffee and a cup of tea, please.

October 15, 2015



Doesnt takk mean thanks? Why wouldnt you say vær så snill instead?


Usually yes, but it's common to add "takk" if you order something. Link to another discussion


Vær så snill means You are welcome. you say it when you are offering something, not requesting something. Such as, "Please, have a cup of wine!" "Vær så snill ta et glass vin!". But to ASK for a glass of wine, it is "Et glass vin, takk!"


Vaer Sa Snill means "please or "I beg you" Vaer Sa God means "here you are" or "you're welcome"


My life resumed in a single sentence, lovely.


Does "of" never get used in Norwegian? Like is it grammatically correct to omit it whenever it would normally be used in English?


So, when i say 'takk' after ordering something, does its meaning change to 'please', or is it just like saying thanks in advance?


it's a bit confusing when te is pronounced as two syllables

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