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  5. "Das Feuer ist klein."

"Das Feuer ist klein."

Translation:The fire is small.

October 15, 2015



" 'That' fire" is marked as wrong? How do you say THAT fire?


The same way.

Or to emphasise that it's "THAT" fire (over there), you could say, "Das Feuer da ist klein."

But "Das Feuer ist klein" by itself can also mean "That fire is small".


Although it is rarer these days – some might say it is almost exclusively used in literature by now, one can say: Jenes Feuer (da) ist klein.


Why Feuer sometimes and other times Füer?


Why Feuer sometimes and other times Füer?

Because not everybody can type ä ö ü, Duolingo lets users type ae oe ue instead, e.g. das suesse, schoene Maedchen instead of das süße, schöne Mädchen.

Unfortunately, the way it was programmed makes Duolingo think that ü and ue are completely interchangable everywhere, and that Feür is just another way of spelling Feuer.

Which is, unfortunately, nonsense. (The u and e don't even belong to the same syllable; it's Feu-er and not Fe-uer -- the eu is a diphthong pronounced like "oy".)


Danke, es ist jetzt klar!


Never thought of that. Inasmuch as English has it's crazy idiosyncrasies, I try to be respectful and if something looks odd and I cannot find a counter example, I tell myself - "You are learning. Deal with it". Thanks for the question and the answer.

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