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"Я думаю, тобі треба бачити це."

Translation:I think you need to see this.

October 15, 2015



I find it more natural to say: You have to see this. Should that be considered correct or is there another verb?


What about "я думаю"?


The following are all okay:

"I think you need to see this." "I think you've got to see this." "I think you have to see this"

Also, it corrected mine to "I think you got to see this," which should probably be "I think you've got to see this." As it is, it can be misinterpreted. Specifically, "I think you got to see this" can mean "I think that you were permitted to see this." The other translations I gave above are less ambiguous.


That would be "Ви маєте це побачити" or "Ви мусите це побачити".

must ≠ need


In Russian I got told that you need to add "что " (що in Ukrainian) after "думаю" ... does the same principle apply in Ukrainian or not? I could be wrong.


Often either що or что are not necessary. But you can, it will not be a mistake.


Why not I think that you must see it?


You need - тобі треба. You must - ти мусиш, ти зобов'язаний, ти повинен. Тут різниця між потребою і обов'язком - Here is the difference between need and duty.


Yes, must ≠ need


why doesn't "i think you need to see it" work?


It should work. Report it.

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