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"We are making pasta for dinner."

Translation:Ми готуємо макарони на вечерю.

October 15, 2015



This is incorrect, обід means lunch not dinner


Обід means the meal you eat at noon or in the afternoon, or the second meal of the day.

In English, to denote that meal we use "lunch", but "dinner" can also mean that, it's a bit obsolete but still accepted.


"Dinner" translates like "обід". "Вечеря" is "supper". And "make" translates like "робити". If you want to use word "готувати" then you would have to use the word "to cook". Too loose translation!


Dinner -> вечеря, обід ("dinner" can mean "lunch", a bit obsolete but still accepted)

Lunch -> обід

Supper -> вечеря


Обід -> lunch, dinner

Вечеря -> dinner, supper

"To make + food" is translated as "готувати + food". We do not say "робити їжу" in Ukrainian, only "готувати" (which also means "prepare")


"Ми готуємо макарони для обіду." Не прийнято, хмм... мабуть суржик, але це теж має бути. Принаймні, це не налаштований автоматичний переклад.


In Ukrainian, "for" is translated as "для" only when it's literally "for whom" or "for something" (in order to do something). You don't cook pasta for lunch literally (as in, the pasta is "for" lunch, not for you, as if lunch was a person). In Ukrainian "for + meal" is "на + meal".



I am adding "паста" when I see it missing.

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