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  5. "I wish you were here."

"I wish you were here."

Translation:Keşke burada olsaydın.

October 15, 2015



"Burada olmanı isterdim" alternative correct solution. (should even be first solution) This language needs more alternatives and contributors i can't pass the test of my main language, this is a joke.

'Burada olmanı isterdim' in neresi yanlış? alternatif cevapları da koyun lütfen. Anadilimdeki testi geçemiyorum.


That would mean "I would like you to be here" which has a similar meaning but is definitely not the above sentence. :) You should stick to closer translations.

I can reassure you that we have many, many alternatives for both English (edited by 2 native speakers) and Turkish (edited by 4+ native speakers). You could write "Burada olmanı dilerdim" but not "isterdim" :)


There isn't only one way to correctly state something in a language, dilerdim and isterdim has quite same meaning. But okay i will stick to closer translation.


I am really struggling with the different conditional forms. PLEASE Duo, separate the lessons into first, second and third conditionals! It's all so confusing with the different tenses jumbled up together. And some of the sentences are far too long and obscure. Please make it simpler.


İs it ok to say keşke buradasan Thanks


Keşke burada olsan.


"I wish you were here." Translation: Keşke burada olsaydın.

How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.

Somebody on Duo loves Pink Floyd?

Duo, you are so cultured.


How can one say : you wish


"dilersin" or "diliyorsun" :) The sentence's grammar would change quite a bit if you wanted to say this though.


You can translate it as 'dilersin' but general translation of you wish is 'rüyanda görürsün' meaning that you can only see it in your dreams


Which part of the sentence indicates "i wish" ?


That's "keşke." It is not a conjugated verb though, it's just a phrase that communicates the same meaning.


Burada is not a verb so you can't add these formatives on it


Both of them are wrong


Keske buradasin ?


I think direct translation should be like "ben burada olmanı dilerdim"


At last we have a natural sentence

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