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"Hvor er verdens største foss?"

Translation:Where is the world's largest waterfall?

October 15, 2015



The etymology of this surprisingly short word is rather interesting. Apparently it comes from a word which meant either waterfall or torrent, and that itself came from a word meaning "spray". So because waterfalls spray, that seems to be the word's origin. Kul.


A fosse is a ditch. There is a fosse South of Hadrian's Wall.


In Laos, Chutes de Khone :)


depends if you mean widest, or highest drop or volume of water. Question is imprecise?


Long before I ever started learning Norwegian, I had a friend whose last name was Foss. I had no idea at the time what it meant. I had no idea what my last name meant either. It's cool to get a new perspective on the Norwegian names from the small town of my past.


So what does your last name mean?


'he who leans over' - their ancestors had one leg shorter than the other, naturally, living in a place with a lot of slopes.

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