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"The coat does not have buttons."

Translation:Frakken har ikke knapper.

October 15, 2015



A "frakk" is longer than a "jakke".


So, like English and unlike German, in Norwegian you can say either "Frakken har ikke knapper" or "Frakken har ingen knapper"? In German you must use the latter formulation.


Yes, that's correct.


Although I expected it could be not accepted, I tried to type "Det frakken har ikke knapper". I heard about Norwegian double definiteness, but I see it doesn't works everywhere?


The double definiteness comes into play when the noun is modified by an adjective, like so:

"Den grønne frakken har ikke knapper."
"The green coat does not have buttons."

As you can see, there still needs to be gender agreement:

Den grønne frakken
Det grønne treet


Oops, I forgot that frakk is hankjønn. But as you say, if I had written den frakken [...] would it still have been wrong?


"Den frakken [...]" would be a grammatically correct sentence, but it would be a translation of "That coat.." rather than "The coat...".

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