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Student Dashboard not accurate


I teach Spanish and have been loving the Duolingo Dashboard. After reviewing student progress on the 'Activity Details' page, I've had errors in the number of lessons shown. My dashboard says the student completed 10 lessons when in fact they have completed more - we counted them on the student's Ipad! If I'm going to attach a grade to student use of this app, I want to make sure it is accurate.

Please help!


October 15, 2015



Hi there! This should not be happening - let me try to figure out what exactly is going wrong here. It would be great if you could shoot us an email at teachers@duolingo.com with the following information:

  • Duolingo usernames of the affected students
  • (if possible) number of lessons the student sees on their device and the number on the dashboard
  • as much information as possible about the student's setup:
    • Do they have the latest version of the app?
    • Could they be using the app in offline mode?
    • If more than one student is affected, are they all using similar devices?

Thanks so much!


We found an explanation together: the dashboard uses "lessons" to refer to any session on Duolingo that earns your students points. As an example, if a student completes a skill by testing out, the dashboard will only show one "lesson" (the test out session), even though the skill may have had 3 lessons. In other words, the dashboard shows the number of actual sessions your students complete, not the number of lessons in the each completed skill.


Hi. I'm having this same issue. The student progress is not accurate on my dashboard.

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