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"Ils n'aiment pas les pommes rouges."

Translation:They do not like the red apples.

January 6, 2013



Il n'aime pas or ils n'aiment pas? How can I hear the difference?


There is no difference in oral. Both translations should be accepted as correct.


They accepted the singular from me.


I wrote this as singular throughout this sentence. I lost a heart because I didn't make it all plural, but I heard it as singular. Is the only way to tell from the spoken French that this sentence is plural is to listen for the difference between le and les? All the other words in this sentence sound exactly the same whether plural or singular.


The difference between singular and plural, in audio, is with LA pomme vs LES pommes.


Thanks, Sitesurf. That is what I thought. French would be much easier for English speakers if all the letters were pronounced, but I suppose that would take away from the beauty of the French language.

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