Heart Refill

So I was going along one day in my Spanish lesson and i was going to test out of objects. I am down to 1 heart and was going to do a heart refill and it wasn't there? Please help me.

November 13, 2013


Heart refills are not available during tests. If you opt to test out of a skill, the assumption is that you know the content well enough to not need assistance.

Thanks but what if I mess up or something?

Then you can retake the test (up to 3 times total). If you cannot pass the test then you should practice the content in the skill more by doing the lessons instead of trying to test out.

go buy it in the store

if it's not there, maybe it's your computer or a glitch?it's there on my computer I just bought one

do you have another computer?maybe use that one

if you lose a heart there should be a button next to hearts that says"use heart refill"

That is what I did and it wasn't there

it won't let you use them in tests i guess

try to do all the first section then do the test!

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