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  5. "Vi vasker klærne."

"Vi vasker klærne."

Translation:We are washing the clothes.

October 15, 2015



Is klær irregular and makes klærne when I want to say the clothes? Or is this some other rule to this? And is his/her clothes correct translation of klærne? If so, why is that?


Somewhat irregular yes. 'klærne' = 'the clothes'

'his/her clothes' isn't a correct translation of 'klærne', but could be a possible translation given the right context. 'his/her clothes' would most likely translate to 'klærne hans/hennes'.


Why is "do the laundry" not accepted? As far as I'm concerned it conveys the same message as in "wash the clothes".


Although, "We do the laundry," conveys a similar idea, laundry can include more than just the clothes, e.g., bedding and towels. It's a good practice to stick to the closest translation possible. :0)


Agreed. Also, "do the laundry" conveys a more all-encompassing task, which might include more than just washing. For example, drying, ironing, folding, sorting etc. And let's not forget the never-ending matching-of-the-socks!

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