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  5. "Das Haus ist alt."

"Das Haus ist alt."

Translation:The house is old.

October 15, 2015



Why is "That house is old" not correct?


It is correct.

If it wasn't accepted, please report it so that it can be added to the list of accepted alternatives.


How can i report it, please ?


You have to wait until you meet the sentence again, e.g. when strengthening this lesson.

Put in the phrase that should be accepted.

After it is reported "wrong", click on the "Report a problem" button at the bottom left (on the website) / on the little flag (in the iOS app) and choose the option "My sentence should have been accepted" (or something like that).


I can use this sentence for my house!


why not 'this house is old'


Demonstrative Pronouns The demonstrative pronouns in English are: this, that, these, and those. In German, in Nominative and Accusative, the demonstrative pronouns are the same as the definite articles. That means, der, die and das can also mean "that (one)" or "this (one)" depending on the gender of the respective noun, and "die" (plural) can mean "these" or "those." Der ist komisch! (That one is strange!) Meine Kinder? Die sind in England. (My kids? They/Those are in England.) When spoken, the definite articles can serve a similar function: Der Junge liest eine Zeitung, der Junge liest ein Buch. This boy is reading a newspaper, that boy is reading a book. The articles would be stressed in that case.


That would be "Dieses Haus ist alt."


I saw 'alt' and thought automatically 'tall'


Well, it comes from the same root as "old" in English, from which we also have "elderly", "elders", etc.


why house and not building?


Because it says "Haus" and not "Gebäude" in the German sentence.


One of the first phrases I ever learned in German before actively studying was "das haus ist zeimlich alt" thanks to K.I.Z


Not all homes are houses; not all houses are homes.

Translate Haus as "house".

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