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"Are you eating using a knife?"

Translation:Spiser du ved hjelp av en kniv?

October 15, 2015



Spiser du bruker en kniv? Incorrect


I think it must be in the Infinitive: Spiser dere bruke en kniv?

Because "spiser" has already been declined; but when I tried this sentence, it was marked wrong :-(

Is there someone who can shed some light on this?


Could i have written "spiser du av/med en kniv"? Why?


"spiser du av en kniv?" = "are you eating off (of) a knife?" which means something else, but "spiser du med en kniv"? (med = with) means roughly the same as the original sentence. "Spiser du ved hjelp av en kniv?" could imply that you would not be able to eat unless you were using a knife, so there is a subtle difference.


Why is it not: "Are you eating with a knife?"

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