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[bug] Training alarm trashes on going study

Hello, I am using an Android device for quite a while and it's working pretty well so far. But today something unexpected happened.

I started to practice a bit later than usual. My reminder alarm is set to about 9am and usually I finish a quick lesson way before that.

After starting and answering some questions, the device showed the usual reminder on the events bar. So far, so good.

Then I clicked on it just to dismiss the reminder. The issue is that it opened the duolingo application. Again, it was already running. And this caused my current study to vanish.

So, the issue is simple. Please check if there is some study going on before ringing the alarm. In case I am already training, don't remind me. Besides, if I'm in the middle of some work, don't reset to the main screen and loose my (on going) study.

Thank you, Paulo

November 13, 2013


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