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[suggestion] Track bugs in a public way using a bug tracking system


sorry if this is already being done, but I could not find anywhere a public bug tracking ticket system for Duo.

So, in case there is none (public) already set, please consider doing so. This could ease a lot. To reduce duplications (discussions, reports, answers and so on), to prevent issues and to ease bug tracking.

By the way it's nice to see what's ok and what's not working so nice before complaining. Could save a lot of time and headache for everyone.

Regards, Paulo

November 13, 2013



Yes I would like to know whether there is still a bug re skills not strengthening and if so whether there is a work around. If there was a public bug tracker I could just look and see. It might save me a lot of time and typing.


Hello, as we know, the Duolingo team has an internal bug tracking system. But as far as I can tell, there is nothing public. And despite all the messages and comments I made (and others also), I don't think they are going to implement anything like that. Sigh:(.

That means all potential effort that could be done by Duo users will remain completely ignored. And the bug set and requests will continue to grow, until: 1) They are overwhelmed by so many requests that they will start ignoring them... 2) Users will notice that requests are not being handled and will stop reporting... 3) The system will stop growing as it could and it will stall.

Then, it would not be a surprise if sooner or later, an open clone appears. That would be the natural thing to happen, as far as I can tell (and based on what I already saw in other projects).

Nowadays, even Microsoft has a ton of open source projects. https://github.com/Microsoft

Why not duo? And notice that I am not even talking about opening the source. It is just about improving user cooperation through a better (and public) but tracking system.

I wish there was an unnoficial (but public) bug database for Duo. Do you know any?

Regards, Paulo


I agree but sorry I do not know any - I am new to Duolinguo.


That's ok. Thanks! Nice that you agree:) Let's wait and see what happens. By the way, a 12 day streak is very good. Keep up the good work!

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