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[Suggestion] Make it easy to see tracked discussions


again, sorry if this is already implemented. But I could not find a way to list all discussions I'm currently tracking. Which makes me wonder if this is available or not.

Anyway, in case it's not, how about making it easy for someone to see which discussions are being tracked by himself?

Today I tried to find a topic about tiers but could not find it.

Thanks, Paulo

November 13, 2013



Yep, still no existing in the forums. It has been asked several times:
- http://www.duolingo.com/comment/92295
- http://www.duolingo.com/comment/731194

Personally I would go for three tab of this type:
- all the discussions I have created
- all the discussions I have written into
- all the discussions that I'm following


This is exactly the feature I was just looking for. What a shame that it has not been implemented yet.


Absolutely agreed. Simple, clean, useful and not intrusive. Just like all interfaces should be. Nice suggestion.



just to let all know. Today I opened a ticket asking Duoling team for this suggestion here to be implemented.

The ticket ID is #100820.

I also cross-linked this very thread into my ticket suggestion: put the discussion link into the suggestion and the same issue ID here. So, if anyone (public users or Duolingo developers) read this thread, he/she will know that a ticket was requested.

Of course I am not sure if Duo's team will have time to implement that, but at least now it is registered into their issue tracking system as a suggestion.

Now if we can get a large number of upvotes for this topic, maybe it becomes clear for everyone that it is something worth implementing.

Duo users, please vote and ask your colleagues to also vote for this one. Thank you all, Paulo


Hello, just to let you know. Here is another thread on the very same topic.



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