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  5. "Noi leggiamo i giornali."

"Noi leggiamo i giornali."

Translation:We read the newspapers.

November 13, 2013



Masculine nouns with -o change to -i (il ragazzo = i ragazzi). Feminine nouns with -a change to -e (la ragazza = le ragazze). Gli is the plural for l' and lo (l'uomo = gli uomini)

However, there are some masculine singular words ending with -e. Like"il pesce" or "il giornale". But I miss this in the explanation which I copy paste above.


Why does everyone read newspapers?


It makes you smart ;-) And you'll learn all forms of the verb "leggere" and the plural of "il giornale" = "i giornali".


You are absolutely right aunt


With the "I" before giornali. I do not hear here say "I". Is it supposed to be suppressed/non existent? Or is it just the recording? Just curious when I speak this, how I should represent the I... like as in eye, or ick. Hopefully that makes sense :)


here it is pronounced like "leggiamoy giornali". "leggiamo" merges with "i" and forms a "y" like sound at the and of the word. because italian is a fast-speaking language, it is literally impossible for "i" to not to mutate without speaking more slowly.


Thank you! That makes sense.


I agree with you Bella. All languages are 'fast spoken' but clear diction is clear diction and 'even' Italian can and should be spoken clearly and distinctly at any speed. It isn't always but it should be, especially in a test of comprehension, not hearing!


The exercise directly before this was the same except it did not include the article 'i'. Why is it required now?


Couldn't you also translate it as "we read the newspapers"


Is giornale only used when referring to newspapers? Or is translating it as journal also correct? And if not, what do Italians call journals?


If you type giornale into the Italian wikipedia you'll get an article about newspapers. But translating giornale as journal could be correct in some situations.

Depending on what you mean by "journal", the appropriate Italian word could be diario, rivista, quaderno, libro giornale, or something else.


How do i know if giornali is spelled with the i or e at the end ?


As far as I understand it, with an e is singular and with an i is plural.


I am confused with the "i" before "giornalli"... Because I was used to seeing "gli" before "uomini". What is the difference? Aren't they both plural "the"?


I've noticed that throughout duo when I've put 'news' in place of 'newspapers' it's been counted incorrect. Is that not common english? Where I come from (Midwestern USA) that seems completely natural. (and I have put in a suggestion, this is just me being curious.)


Okay, I'm trying to figure out the plural rules for articles here - clearly 'le' is feminine plural, and 'gli' is masculine plural - but 'i' also seems to be masculine plural. How do you know when to use 'i' or 'gli'?


Did you read the Tips and Notes of chapter Basics 2 (website)?


ı wrote we read the newspaper.but ıt refused my answer. and if we give wrong answer it will say papers (not newspaper)


giornale I wrote it "journals "what is wrong with it ?


duolingo...! in one lesson periodical is the correct translation for giornale, in the next you have to use newspaper...


Newdpapers is correct

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