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Are most of the polyglots I see educators?

Hey everyone. I'm new at Duolingo, taking my first course in Italian. One of my favorite things to do on the site is read the discussions, especially on how to practice, keep your tree "golden", etc. and other language learning related items.

However, after reading a bunch of discussion threads I was shocked to notice how many people are learning multiple languages, many of them with strong level ratings in 3 or 4 languages (if my interpretation of the language icons next to their comments is correct) and even more with 5 to 7 languages under study at lower level ratings.

I find learning languages fun, but this kind of devotion seems like it would have to be work or college degree related? So as the title says, what's with all the polyglots? Are they all educators like those of you in this forum? Or just insanely devoted to learning new languages? If the former, then it seems like a large percentage of the Duolingo membership are foreign language teachers, much more than what I would have expected.

October 16, 2015



I am a qualified teacher and have mixed Asian heritage but have been educated in English. I taught English as a second language and also Asian languages in schools in Australia, Japan and China, so using Duolingo has been great for me to finally learn some European languages. I have seen Duolingo users with Level 10 or over in every language so that has inspired me a lot. However for me the joy of learning and feeling that you can understand more and more is what motivates me. I used to find doing timed practice virtually impossible at the beginning of this year, but now I use it for every course I do and I find if I can get the first few answers correct then 20 answers within the time limit is achievable.


Wow, what a "flag icon" row you have!

Will you be using the European languages yourself for when you travel, or to teach others?


I guess the more you learn the more options you have! I have not travelled around Europe so if I ever get there it would be wonderful to know the languages well. For now, many of my hobbies and interests involve European languages, so I am able to enjoy arts, history, classical music and movies with a deeper appreciation as my language skills progress.


Thanks wai10. Have a good weekend.


I'm not a true polyglot (I don't have enough experience in all the languages I "know"), but I am just a regular college freshman wanting to learn languages.


Thanks for the feedback, have a good weekend.

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