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  5. "Nous buvons du vin."

"Nous buvons du vin."

Translation:We drink wine.

January 6, 2013



why? according to the last question I got wrong too, any of these should work. I am about ready to quit this site as I feel im just getting more and more lost with out any proper guidance of rules and properties. Its just making me feel stupid by telling me one thing, giving me another example, then telling me im wrong when trying to follow in their example.


Don't only use this site for learning french. Supplement it! While I'm on here, I'm finding the conjugations for verbs on about.com, then typing it into Microsoft word, and finding extra pronunciations on forvo.com The internet is at your fingertips, use your resources. :\


I think this one might be broken. After many attempts to say it right and even trick it, I recorded the example straight back into the microphone, still won't work.


It helps to self check on google translate. You get an alternate audio reading of the words as well, and the one on google is better than here.


What is the difference between the present tense buvons and the subjective buvions?

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