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"Je ne veux ni ces chaussures ni ce pantalon."

Translation:I want neither those shoes nor those pants.

January 6, 2013



"I neither want those shoes nor those pants." Was marked wrong. Well I may not be correct, but thats how we say it in my neck of the woods..


Also, can't 'ce' mean 'these' as well as 'those'


Yes, I think it can. This page explains it better than I ever could! http://www.french-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/this_that_in_french_ci_la.shtml


Why is the 'pas' not required?


I neither want these shoes nor these pants should also be accepted with these exercises I find it hard to remember what is programmed into the computer although I do understand the language exercise


In English it can be translated as “I want neither......” or “I neither want....” Both are correct. The answer I was given was “I don’t want......” which is incorrect. The answer is either one indicated above.


Why do you not need pas? I've seen it both ways and don't understand when one should use it, or if it matters.


I have the same question. In this lesson, we saw another sentence "Elle ne peut pas lire ni écrire". Can anyone explain why in this sentence it's "ne...pas...ni" and in the sentence above it's "ne...ni...ni"? Or are they both acceptable?

[deactivated user]

    "I neither want these shoes nor these pants" should be fine, non?


    i think so too.... anybody able to comfirm?


    Got this as a listening exercise... Normal audio gave this, slow audio gave something fairly different.


    Neither / nor Either / or


    In American English, we could start this sentence with "I want neither..." or "I neither want..." so either beginning should be accepted. 8/4/2018


    What is wrong with : "I neither want these shoes nor theses pants" ?


    Because 'theses' is a plural for thesis, something you write when you do a PhD. If that was a typo, then I neither want these shoes nor these pants should be correct


    Another typo. Should have been : I neither want these shoes nor these pants. It seems that DL doesn't like "neither" before the verb. For English speakers it is perfectly acceptable . Still reported it.


    What is wrong with " l want neither these shoes nor these pants" ?


    You can say it both ways in English... And pants means something else in English and it's not trousers!!


    Why isn't it ok to use "these" instead of "those"?


    Ce pantalon = this/that pair of pants. Why then is this translated as "those pants" ,i.e., in plural?


    Ce pantaloon should be "pant," right? Pantalons ins pants.


    «Ce pantalon» would translate to British English as "these/those trousers", but into American English as "these/those pants". [I think Australian, NZ and Canadian English use the AmEn one on this?]

    In BrEn, "pants" is just an abbreviation of "underpants" and refers to underwear rather than outerwear. [e.g. «un slip»]... It's just a very frustrating matter, and I am interested as to how Duolingo deals with this...


    Haven't a clue, but calling trousers "pants" still makes me chuckle even as an adult.

    The Blink-182 album "Take off your pants and jacket" is even more humorous here (in the UK) than in the rest of the world.


    NI translate as neither, nor and or, I don't see EITHER


    I wrote 'Je ne veux ni ses chaussures ni ses pantalons." and was marked wrong. Is there any difference in pronunciation compared to the official solution?


    Yes, «ce» doesn't sound like «ses».


    I also am having difficulty hearing the differences in the two pronunciations. How would you pronounce "ces" differently from "ses"


    You wouldn't. They are the same.


    They corrected me neither to either and this pair of pants to these pair of pants. Lol. Reported it.


    Neither do I want the shoes, nor do I want the pants... this was my response but it was marked wrong???


    Either "neither ...nor" or "either ... or", but NOT the solution given: "I do not want either these shoes nor those pants". That is, if the translation is to be in strictly correct English. Also, acceptable, but to be used sparingly or for effect or for emphasis, the double negative,: "I do not want neither these shoes nor these pants".


    Is "soulier" still in use? I never seem to see it anymore.


    I agree with Yandarn2. Both are correct so why doesn’t Duolingo accept both translations?


    Hi Duo team: If you translate I do not want either, these shoes or the pants... the negation is carried over to the pants... so this translation should be on the acceptance list... although one could argue it needs to be: I do not want either these shoes or " these" pants.. however I think it is about understanding the exercises that you are learning in the unit... and sometimes it just would feel good if the sentence in a context ( if translated correctly) is accepted.


    My answer was" I neither want these shoes nor this pair of pants" and it marked wrong. When we use "ne....ni", we should translate neither ....nor. Anyone can explain why the translation for this as they corrected " I don't want these shoes nor this pair of pants"


    I think the verb "want" should take place before the pair " neither...nor", ie, it shoud be "I want neither...nor..."


    Why not these and these?


    Why not these? Even duolingo says you that ce or ces can mean these or those. Until you use it in your answer of course.


    This is interesting: so in French you do not say "je ne veux pas ni......" The "ni" acts as the second part of the negative: I did not know that... live and learn...thanks Duolingo!


    In the French sentence there is the first negative element NE VEUX however, in the English sentence it is translated as affirmative. Would Sitersuf please help me to understand this? Thanks


    As with a couple of other queries here, I'm interested to know why 'pas' is not inserted somewhere in the sentence.


    Why is trousers in place of pants not accepted?


    it should be "neither", "either" does not make sense for this sentence


    that's what I typed and it did not accept it, well, got to write it the wrong way then to keep going.


    there is a glich in the program, it accepted "either" and then confirmed "neither" like above.


    wish they would not switch between "neither" and "either", i like to get out of this to the next phrase, it becomes frustrating, typing allover again and again, got the message after 10 repetitions


    can not get out of this , anybody knows how to deal with this problem?


    thanks golden face 6o! that last phrase worked, but again they said "neither" is the alternative in both places???


    Neither, nor/ Either, or simple rule


    A sure and certain way to frustrate potential learners is to be pedantic in the way answers are corrected. Add to that frustration when the correction is incorrect.


    Why is ne used here. I get he doesn't want, but there is a whole lot of negativity going on here. Why wouldn't it be I don't want the shoes nor the pants.


    'Either and or' go together and 'neither and nor' go together in English. The two shouldn't be mixed. Therefore the correct answer should be I want neither those shoes nor those trousers. The 'correct' answer I was given use either rather than neither. Please can this be corrected?


    i neither want... I want neither... Come on, this is so petty.


    Why "those"? Why not "these"?


    I would say "I don't want either those shoes or those trousers", putting the emphasis on the fact you don't want them.


    I neither want those shoes nor those trousers is used in the UK


    why is this wrong? "i do neither want these shoes nor these pants"


    because you just wouldn't say 'I do neither want' because do is a verb and you're not 'doing' anything


    In reply to Catherine956758 what I wrote in raising this issue did indeed contain a typo. I wrote in answer to the exercise I wrote " I neither want these shoes not these pants and it was still marked wrong. I reported it.

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