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  5. "Avete già figli?"

"Avete già figli?"

Translation:Do you have children already?

November 13, 2013



How is "do you already have children?" wrong?

June 8, 2017


I just reported it. It should be correct it has the exact same meaning. 06/20/2017

June 20, 2017


It's not been changed yet. I'll report it now.

October 30, 2017


Still marked wrong today 25 April 2018, annoying. Have reported it again, for what that's worth.

April 25, 2018


still marked wrong on 28 Aug 2018. do they ever read these comments?

August 28, 2018


I wonder. Reporting it again today September 24th 2018.

September 24, 2018


reported again 12 oct 18

October 12, 2018


I just got an email saying that the suggestion I reported is now accepted :) hurrah! (Oct2018)

October 29, 2018


I too received an email on October 28, 2018 saying that the suggestion I reported is now accepted. Finally!

October 29, 2018


Still marked wrong, 23 May 2018. Reported.

May 23, 2018


Still not changed. Reported 5 June 2018

June 5, 2018


Reported in 15jul18

June 15, 2018


reported 30 July 18

July 30, 2018


Reported August 1, 2018.

August 1, 2018


Still marked wrong 26 August 2018. Does anyone at DL read our reports?

August 26, 2018


I'm afraid no one does it?

August 28, 2018


Still hasn't been corrected... Reported twice today.

September 14, 2018


Same answer too

June 7, 2018


Reported this on Oct 1 2018. Still being marked wrong.

October 1, 2018


Still marked as wrong October 2018

October 18, 2018


Why was my "Do you already have children?" answer considered incorrect, and it is correcting me by saying it should be: "Do you have children already?" Is there really a difference?

June 9, 2017


There is no difference. "Do you already have children. " is standard BE.

May 11, 2018


Should be accepted

August 27, 2018


what is the difference between già and ancora?

October 21, 2014


Ancora is still or again. I guess if you ask "Avete ancora figli" it will mean that people gave birth to children and you ask whether they still have those children...

November 30, 2014


Also, "you all" should be an acceptable answer for "Avete" seeing as it is second person plural, but the answer does not accept this.

February 22, 2015


"Have you children already?" is a perfectly correct English translation. Inserting "got" is unnecessary and ugly.

October 5, 2016


you must be British. In the US we use it a lot, that 'got' :)

September 10, 2017


You also say 'do you have' in the US of A. In the UK or Ireland we are more likely to say "have you", but DL does not like that usage.

November 10, 2018


Agreed. (I remember at primary school our teach burnt a card with "got" written on it. It was a very graphic way of instilling in us that the word should be avoided)

March 12, 2017


I disagree. 'Got' would be wrong if it meant the same as the 'have', ('you have got') but in this case it doesn't. 'Have' here is not acting as a verb, it means 'is it the case?' So 'got' is useful because it indicates the tense and makes the sentence complete, otherwise we are left waiting for the verb; 'Have you children already...dressed?' 'Have you children already...in school?' etc.

July 17, 2017


It marks "Do you already have sons" incorrect. :(

July 7, 2017


Reported again on 31st July 2017 "Do you already have children" should be right.

July 31, 2017


Looks like the error has already been reported multiple times, and still not fixed.

August 13, 2017


still classes "Do you already have children" as wrong - reported again

April 18, 2018


you cannot say 'you've' in this sentence

August 30, 2017


aw come on!! We often say 'do you already have children?'!!

September 4, 2017


do you already have children is correct. They have to change it.

November 14, 2017


'Do you've children yet?' doesn't make sense!

November 27, 2017


Come on Duolingo......this has been reported several times over the last year but no correction on your part. "Do you already have children" is a perfectly correct translation of this sentence. Reported again today so please respond to Reports people make otherwise you just continue to frustrate everybody.

May 18, 2018


"Do you already have children" is still marked wrong today! Doesn't DL ever check what we mark?

May 23, 2018



August 17, 2018


You have children already? -wrong- I guess I need to start the sentence with "do".

May 24, 2018


why can't you say "Do you already have children?" It is perfectly good English

May 27, 2018


Still not accepting "do you already have children" 6/14/2018

June 14, 2018


It may be an incorrect answer, but not explaining the difference is unconcionable since we are here to learn, not to be subjected to this "Ha, Ha we know more than you do and we are not going to tell you why! Outrageous!

August 8, 2018


Mr. DL it appears many people has reported many times the placement of the adverb which is marked wrong. Please see what the dictionary says about the placement of adverbs in the English sentence. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/about-adjectives-and-adverbs/adverbs-and-adverb-phrases-position Therefore, please proceed to correct it and accept "Do you already have children"?

August 13, 2018


Why can it not be sons? And "do you already have children (or sons)?" is what we say in English English

July 13, 2018


28/07/18 As of this date, it still is not accepted. Reported.

July 28, 2018


still marked wrong, July 2018. There are too many of these incorrect 'corrections'.. Duolingo needs to get a native English speaker on board.

July 19, 2018


It is SO frustrating to have to write the sentence THE ONLY way that DL thinks is correct in order to complete the level!! Is there someone --a DL manager or supervisor-- who even cares to read the messages posted here?! :(

August 15, 2018


I have just reported it also-8/2018. In English, the adverb is usually best placed near the word it modifies, which in this case is the verb "have." It does not and cannot modify "children." "Do you already have children" is the best English translation.

August 16, 2018


If you speak American English

November 10, 2018


Why was I marked wrong for answering "Do yo already have children?" I see I am not alone.

August 24, 2018


So good the alternative (and better) version has finally been accepted - a tiny victory against faceless organisers (tho' they do do a sterling job)

October 29, 2018


I take your point and grammatically you are correct, but in normal conversation, depending on the circumstance I think that it would be a possible question.

November 15, 2013


I wrote kids instead of children and it did not accept it... why?

January 7, 2014


Same here. Reported it.

January 24, 2014


same thing!

September 9, 2017


Grrr... i already have children.

May 13, 2018


still marked wrong: July 23, 2018

July 23, 2018


Still marked wrong July 28, 2018

July 28, 2018


"Do you already have children?" is still marked as incorrect! :((

August 15, 2018


In order to complete the level, I simply copy-pasted DL's "correct" translation. I am terribly mortified!!!! :((

August 15, 2018


Your answer is awkward English. At least give us the option to answering correctly, which would be "do you already have children?".

August 22, 2018


how is do you have children already incorrect? And please not you cannot contract you have to you've in this circumstance.

August 28, 2018


Still marked wrong on 31 August 2018.

August 31, 2018


Do you already have children still being marked wrong Sept 9 2018

September 9, 2018


you've! This is not a word I have ever come across before!

September 13, 2018


"you've" is an English language contraction meaning "you have"

September 13, 2018


Just to offer you all a ray of hope and on another subject, I recently reported a different anomaly and yesterday received the following unexpected reply:

Hi NickShields,

You suggested “the sweets” as a translation for “Le caramelle” We now accept this translation. :)

Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

  • Duolingo
October 1, 2018


good news! thanks for the cheering up!

October 1, 2018


Wow! You must have significant clout (Chicago term for inside influence). Having reported this problem myself, I have followed this discussion and have been as disappointed as you all (no I am not an American southerner) that our reports have had no results.

So, in desperation, on September 23, 2018, I reported the problem to the DL help desk and referenced this discussion. Here is the answer that I received:

"We have received your Bug Report and would like to thank you for taking the time to send it to us. To increase the likelihood of a fix, try to include screenshots, steps to reproduce the bug, and a description of your system (if possible). You can reply to this email with extra information you would like to add on to the original report. Please note that you are not likely to get a personal reply to this message. Reports like these are extremely valuable to us, as they help our developers detect issues and offer a better experience to all Duolingo learners. Thank you for helping us improve Duolingo.

If you have specific questions or requests, please consider searching through our Help Center or asking our super helpful community—the forum is a great way to share ideas and feedback with us and the community."

October 1, 2018


Today on 4th October still wrong.!

October 4, 2018



Hi NickShields,

<pre> You suggested “Do you already have children ” as a translation for “Avete già figli?” We now accept this translation. :) Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up! - Duolingo </pre>
October 29, 2018


Duo accepted my answer "do you have kids already"

June 7, 2014


Did you have children already is not correct?

March 2, 2016


I believe Avete is present tense, Avuto gia figli might translate to "Did you have children already, They get really picky about direct translations of words in most cases. (I'm still learning someone might corect me here)

June 15, 2018


have you children already, seems an appropriate translation but was marked wrong

November 13, 2013


Your translation doesn't seem appropriate to me. "Have" is the verb of the sentence. In a question, the verb should be after the subject, but the auxiliary ("do") should be before the subject.

November 15, 2013


In a question "have you...? " the verb clearly comes before the subject. If you are constructing the sentence with "do" then "have" must come after the subject.... unless you are saying "DO have another drink/chocolate" Yum!

August 10, 2018


Have you children already cleaned your room?

December 19, 2013


I agree with you, teejay

July 28, 2014
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