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"Abbiamo una torta al cioccolato."

Translation:We have a chocolate cake.

October 16, 2015



why her "we own" isn´t write?


Are you asking why you can't use "we own" here? If yes, it's because it means possedere, like you own a property, a business, a land...


Ok grazie mille. Io capito :) But on the drop down translation list "we own" as a translation of "abbiamo" is also a posabillity.


Own and have are two different things. Own is legal possession, and have is not. You would own a car, a shirt, a house.

You can have all those things as well (if you own it you have it). But you can also have: a good time, a meal, a piece of cake, nice hair, a feeling of foreboding, a letter... none of these latter things would you say you own.

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