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Speaking exercises

Hey! I was hoping to find some speaking exercises on Duolingo for Turkish. Like, it's there for Dutch and Spanish - it would be nice to have it in Turkish, too. Would it be possible?

P.S: Side note, why do a few language courses not have a speaking exercise? is it possible to add them in... somehow?

October 16, 2015



You know, like you have to say something, and DL tells you if you{re speaking fine or not. You either repeat after the speaker or speak the sentence in the language while the sentence is in English. Stuff like that.


I think you'll find only the in house/original core courses have speaking exercises.


No, Danish and Swedish also have it. I think Turkish has it too. But you have to be on chrome. It was being tested some months ago. I don't know what the situation is right now. Perhaps Selcen knows.


Ahh oh yes, you're right - I remember the announcement about Turkish, now you mention it. I don't use chrome so it sorta passed me by!

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