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  5. "Ist das Wasser schmutzig?"

"Ist das Wasser schmutzig?"

Translation:Is the water dirty?

October 16, 2015



How would you say, is THAT water dirty?


The same way.

Or if you wanted to disambiguate, you could also say, "Ist das Wasser da schmutzig?", with "das ... da" for explicit "that" as opposed to "the".

In speech, "Ist das Wasser schmútzig?" ("the") / "Ist dás Wasser schmutzig?" ("that") would generally be clear enough -- the words meaning "that" are stressed in speaking while the words meaning "the" are usually not.


"Is the water unclean?" does not work.


Guess "unsauber" will work better for that. But you still should report it to moderators.


I feel like in English "unclean" and "dirty" mean the same thing technically but in usage they mean different things. When I hear "unclean" it's typically in religious settings such as certain foods or acts are unclean or the idea of something being spoiled. I think "unclean" usually applies to the spiritual or emotional whereas dirty is a little different. But that may just be what I hear the most.


What about "dirty dreams/thoughts" and "dirty man/woman/girl/etc"?


What is the difference between the pronunciations of: "-ig" and "-ich" please?


In the standard language, none: they are both pronounced "-ich", as far as I know.


I think the -ig is supposed to be softer


Sorry the difference between das as "the" and das as "that" ?


If it means "the", it is usually not stressed; if it means "that", it is usually stressed.

But often, it could mean one or the other. Especially in writing, of course.


Does "dirty" have a sexual connotation in German like it does in English?


Yes, it has. "Schmutzige Gedanken" - obscene ideas.


(ig) has 3 prounciations in Germany: 1- (ich) 2- (ik) 3- (ig)


I guessed the meaning to schmutzig because of the word "schmutz" like "youve got a little schmutz in your face" hahha XD


"Is that water bad?" can anyone think it makes sense


What a good mnemonic for remembering schmutzig?


Why is "unclean" wrong?


Because that generally has a narrower meaning than "dirty" in English.


Can "schmutzig" be used to describe people? Can it also mean "dirty" as in "dirty thoughts"?


Can "schmutzig" be used to describe people?

If they have been working in the garden and are physically dirty, yes. Wasch dir vor dem Essen bitte deine schmutzigen Hände! "Wash your dirty hands before the meal!"

Can it also mean "dirty" as in "dirty thoughts"?

Yes -- and in this case, it's metaphorical, as in English. For example, schmutzige Gedanken might be thoughts about adultery.


Can the German word for "dirty" be used in the same way as it is used in english to indicate derogatory sexual behavior? Like "youre a dirty girl"? Is that just an english slang thing?


We use it in "schmutzige Gedanken" (obscene thoughts), but we don't use it anymore for people (you may find it in older books). Also a bit old fashioned is "schmutziger Film" (sexually explicit movie). Today it is just a "Porno" in German. She is a dirty girl - "sie ist ein freizügiges Mädchen" oder "ein unanständiges Mädchen". "Du bist ein unanständiges Mädchen" today sounds more funny, like you're joking.

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