Portuguese in the incubator

I have noticed that Ker is listed as the sole contributor to this course. She is also the only one contributing to the reverse (pt->en) course. Put together, the courses have more than 1.5M students. Supporting that many people seems like an awful lot of work for 1 person.

Now that we have the incubator, is Duolingo accepting applications from new contributors for the already released courses? I know there are many who frequent this site who speak Portuguese as their first language; maybe some of them would like to help maintain this course?

By the way, the same is true for the French course, where Remy is the only contributor.

November 13, 2013


I'm fluent in both portuguese and english, and have applied at the first day to be a contributor, but haven't got any messages from them yet, so as Dessamator said, I guess more people already applied, eventually there will be more contributors, I'd be happy to help.

November 19, 2013

I do agree. However, my guess is that many people have applied to contribute, and Duolingo is probably testing something or waiting for something before these contributors are added. Although, Portuguese is my first language, I think there are others who can contribute more.

November 13, 2013

I think for the Portuguese->English (or from other languages) course there should be a native English speaker (fluent in the other language) as well. I flew through the English course and think there is a lot a native speaker could contribute that seems to be lacking. Maybe, I was just rushing though. I still have a lot left on the English->Portuguese and feel it will still take a while as I have to go back and restudy a lot. I do need to go back and retake some Pt->En in order to submit corrections I didn't do the first time, because I used the mobile app. There should probably be a way to submit for corrections from the mobile app.

BTW, they aren't converting the greater than signs back when editing (they appear as the html "ampersand gt;") so it strips them when reentering unless you go back and change them. Where do I report this?

Edit: well, it worked that time. Maybe it was just a glitch.

November 17, 2013

Portuguese rules!

November 19, 2013
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