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  5. "Siz pantolon giyersiniz."

"Siz pantolon giyersiniz."

Translation:You wear pants.

October 16, 2015



I'm amused. Even on slow I didn't hear the gi- of giyersiniz - it is there on slow, but so fast and soft. I thought Siz pantolon yersiniz. is a little unusual, but we've all encountered strange sentences on Duolingo, right? So dutifully I typed it in: "Siz pantolon yersiniz."


Hahaha! I hear it, but I wouldn't give the quality of the audio above a B on this one. It is common in spoken Turkish to drop the first "i" sound in some words, and this is one of them :)


The same happened to me, and although I gave it some thought, I have written Siz pantolon yersiniz :) Given what I've seen this is not the most unusual sentence on Duo. But not this time, unfotunately.


sorry, are these US pants or British pants they are wearing? ;-)


Definitely US :)


Bahaha, I should hope everyone wears British pants. XD


Does anyone know what the difference between giyersin and takarsin is?


William, "to wear clothes"= giysi giyer" and "to wear accessories"= "gözlük takar". "Pantolon giyersin"="you wear pants" and "gözlük takarsin"="you wear glasses".


Thanks! It took me a while to realise there were different words for different kinds of 'to wear' things. Clothes and Accessories is a really good way of remembering too, thanks so much.

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