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  5. "Siz pantolon giyersiniz."

"Siz pantolon giyersiniz."

Translation:You wear pants.

October 16, 2015



I'm amused. Even on slow I didn't hear the gi- of giyersiniz - it is there on slow, but so fast and soft. I thought Siz pantolon yersiniz. is a little unusual, but we've all encountered strange sentences on Duolingo, right? So dutifully I typed it in: "Siz pantolon yersiniz."


Hahaha! I hear it, but I wouldn't give the quality of the audio above a B on this one. It is common in spoken Turkish to drop the first "i" sound in some words, and this is one of them :)


Alex, are there any 'rules' as to which words 'drop' the 1st 'i'? Such oddities in pronunciation are very frustrating, only to be told that it happens with some words. Thank you.


Chris, i assume that the spoken Turkish is different in each part of Turkey. So, try to hear with more acuity. Ok?


Mariane, thank you for your input. As to acuity, I hear extremely well, often hearing the plural ending ...lar spoken as ...larsh along with other odd pronunciations. The problem in this issue is not being able to hear something that is not there, having been 'dropped'. As Alex said, "it is common in spoken Turkish to drop the first "i" sound in some words, and this is one of them. Hence my enquiry


The same happened to me, and although I gave it some thought, I have written Siz pantolon yersiniz :) Given what I've seen this is not the most unusual sentence on Duo. But not this time, unfotunately.


sorry, are these US pants or British pants they are wearing? ;-)


The English word is 'trousers' as translated from the French which has been adopted in Turkish


Bahaha, I should hope everyone wears British pants. XD


Does anyone know what the difference between giyersin and takarsin is?


William, "to wear clothes"= giysi giyer" and "to wear accessories"= "gözlük takar". "Pantolon giyersin"="you wear pants" and "gözlük takarsin"="you wear glasses".


Thanks! It took me a while to realise there were different words for different kinds of 'to wear' things. Clothes and Accessories is a really good way of remembering too, thanks so much.


How would you say "you're wearing pants" in Turkish? And what's the semantic difference between that (which was my answer) and the accepted answer (you wear pants)?


You would use the present continuous "giyiyorsunuz."

It has the same difference as in English. Namely, either you do it in general (giyersiniz) or you are currently doing it (giyiyorsunuz).


How would you say 'You (PLURAL) wear pants'? Please help clarify. Thanks so much!


'siz pantolon giyersiniz' already means 'you (plural) wear pants.'

the singular version of the above sentence would be: 'sen pantolon giyersin.'

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