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"Wir müssen den Drachen retten."

Translation:We have to rescue the dragon.

October 16, 2015



I love that DL is expanding the lesson tree to include things like this that might not be immediately useful, but are simply fun and lighthearted. Once I worked this far up the DL lesson tree, I find that the single thing I always wish for is a bigger vocabulary and these lessons are great for that.

Now that they´ve covered science fiction and fantasy, maybe a ´Cops And Robbers´ lesson could make ´Tatort´ easier to follow! (Hint hint...)


Changing your in-game language in video games is another funny way to learn things like that. I used to have my in-game language in Diablo 3 set to German for a while, and picked up some wacky vocabulary.

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    Skyrim feels so much more immersive in German! I started with 33% fluency. As i am listening to a quest giver, i don't know what he wants me to do, where it needs to be done...but he definitely said there is money involved! :P


    I do the same thing. Especially RPGs with lots of dialogue are good for this.


    My uncle once bought me Breath of Fire 3 on eBay (which I'd requested from him) and it was in German! I managed quite well but didn't remember much of the story later, so maybe it's still better to play in English first :D


    You can learn a lot of crime vocabulary from watching "Kommissar Rex"! Die Leiche, die Tatwaffe, der Gerichtsmediziner... erstechen, erschießen, erwürgen... Mittel, Motiv und Gelegenheit... :-)


    I'd recommend Dogs of Berlin for the same reason but also because it's full of Schimpfwörter and terms of racist abuse that you probably don't want to say but probably should understand.


    Looks like my vocab is almost ready for Das Lied von Eis und Feuer!

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    I briefly misread that as "eggs and fire" so I'm clearly not ready...


    I read it as ice cream and fire. Oops.


    Lessons like these make learning way more interesting!


    I thought that Drachen would be dragons, Der Drache just one dragon.


    Der Drache is a weak noun (N-declination). It takes an additional -n in all forms except Nom sing.

    We have to rescue the dragons. — Wir müssen die Drachen retten.


    Thanks, I keep forgetting about these weak nouns....


    I will never understand how a dragon can ever be a weak anything


    A strong dragon would not need to be rescued, oder?


    „der Drachen“ is also an accepted spelling, per Duden (Vol.1 Die deutsche Rechtschreibung). Fun fact: „Drachen“ (but not „Drache“) also means kite - the toy, not the bird


    Checking the Duden website myself, the flying creature is only "der Drache." "Der Drachen" only refers to the kite (as well as an ill-tempered woman). (Apparently "dragon" can also (rarely) have this latter meaning, which may be what you were seeing.)


    Entschuldigung - I misread the text. musta grown up pronouncing it in correctly. didn‘t see the bit about the woman.


    Thank you! I've been collecting these - Herr is one as well isn't it, Prinz (from the same lesson) - and I knew how they worked but didn't know what the name for them was.


    If dragons existed, PETA would rescue them.


    Hard to say considering how many animals a dragon needs to eat! Becomes a bit of a philosophical "trolley problem" :)


    They would "rescue" him only to kill him afterwards tho. PETA kills healthy animals, because their slogan is "better dead than fed".........


    I've been waiting the entire tree for the fantasy section :D Grats everyone for making it this far, almost there!

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    Hang on Smaug!


    N-deklination, oder?

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    ...cuz that's how we roll.


    Now I’m wondering if dragons have a more complex role in German folklore.


    I approve this animal protecting message


    Diese Art ist vom Aussterben bedroht.


    GOT season 8 spoiler alert!!


    Well... Game of thrones nostalgia!


    That's what Khalisi said


    From the princesses. Drachen drachen lass deine skale herunter


    Now this is the kind of mission I'm down for.


    Those evil princesses will never learn!


    Hah! I was actually gonna reference Siegfried.


    I have been waiting for this section! Cheers to all who have made it this far on our journey !


    Does anyone know when duo is updating the German course..... Its methods of teaching great... Would love to see more?


    I was excited when DL added a half-dozen lessons last year, and I hope they keep at it.


    Why is müßen not accepted, but rather müssen? Is there a difference?


    Yes and no. There is no semantic difference; its just spelled incorrectly. (Kind of like if you were to spell 'bouquet' as 'bohkay'. There is no other meaning for 'bohkay', so its not going to mean something else, but its still not right.) The reason for this is the spelling rule regarding eszetts. If the 's' sound follows a short vowel, then it is "ss". If it follows a long vowel, it is "ß". (Some people in Germany really didn't like the spelling reform, and stubbornly refuse to accept this rule.)


    Thank you so much.


    drachen also means "kite"

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      Oh finally the coolest skill!


      Coolest Skill ever hahaha


      I like learning those fantasy words. At the end of the german tree you have to learn those hard and usually not very interesting words, but this fantasy skill is perfect to make the end of the tree more interesting.


      In what universe are Dragons victims of anything?

      Although i'm all for it!

      Drachen über alles!


      I think that this will probably be my favorite Duolingo lesson set. I can't wait to see more comments as the lessons go by!


      Thought i just needed to put in the missing words


      "We must rescue the dragon" would have fit perfectly instead...


      GoT... This just made me sad


      Flashback a scene of Game of Thrones and its OP soundtrack! epic


      Kennt jemand die Geschichte "Der Drache" von Jewgeni Schwarz ??? Der Drache muss aber von Lanzelot getötet werden !!! Auch wenn die Menschen es erst später verstehen!!!


      George will be so annoyed.

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      Is there a big Dungeons and Dragons convention coming soon in Berlin or something?


      Whom from I wonder.


      Why do we need to rescue China ?


      Aa, aa. In the bible, dragon is... satan. Even in duolingo this kind of propaganda spread, the antichrists spirit. Many of the educational sentences propagandize feminism, new world order, paradise on earth, multicultural (babylon archetypes) and more. So sad this is happening everywhere.


      That's the meaning you're adding to it, not the authors. Symbols don't have meaning by themselves unless someone decides to interpret them in a particular way. So, you're involving Satan here, not them. Most probably, the authors just thought about using a highly unusual sentence in order to guarantee that you just didn't memorize, but actually understood the sentence's structure. It's like "Colourless green ideas sleep furiously"; it has no meaning but understanding it shows that you really understand English. And even if you don't like the meaning of these sentences, it's important to be able to understand them, because how would you be able to even disagree if you don't understand them? Other sentences, in contrast, are there for other didactic reason: Showing current German culture. And again, if you don't like that aspect of the culture, at least you're aware that they exist and permeate in the life of the country you're learning the language of.


      Nein, wir müssen den Drachen töten!


      For reals?? Is that category so necessary in learning german? :))


      We have learned less useful words, "nutrition" and "beetel" come to my mind. Dragon, on the other hand, is quite useful.


      It's pretty damn useful if you're interested in things like Skyrim or Harry Potter.


      Hallo, Cousin!

      I see nothing wrong with fantasy words. You know, people like movies more than economy. It's just interesting :)


      Ich habe ein großes Zauberwörterbuch für Harry Potter Fans von Langenscheidts !


      This chapter is very useful. If you ever find a sleeping dragon, you'll know that not to do. Nie stören einen schlanfenden Drachen! Or, draco dormiens nunquam titillandum.

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