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  5. "Літо дуже тепле у Києві."

"Літо дуже тепле у Києві."

Translation:Summer is very warm in Kyiv.

October 16, 2015



Why not The summer is very warm in kyev?


You have to spell the Ukrainian capital as 'Kyiv'. I made the same mistake.


Should Hot be allowed instead?


If you speak about hot weather, there is a Ukrainian word "спекотливий" or "гарячий" to better translate "hot summer".

Спекотливе літо, спекотна пора, гарячий день (although гарячий is primarily used for hot physical objects, if I'm not mistaken, гаряча плита - hot stove)


Even Google maps says either Kiev or Kyiv... Why aren't both accepted here?


In this sentence warm is translated as "тепла" for Kyiv and in a question for Atlanta the answer had to be "тепле". Both are cities what is the difference?


I thought is the end of the word one ends in a consonant and the other in a vocal, if they are marculine or femenine words, the verb ending change.


Kiev should also be a valid answer. In each language the native speakers devide how to spell their words and names. I also will write Munich and Cologne although München and Köln would be correct.


It kinda seems like they're attempting a "Peking" vs. "Beijing" distinction where the latter is a local term and is more faithful to how native speakers pronounce it. I get where you're coming from with the German place names, but I'm not sure I find the pronounced difference between "Kiev" and "Kyiv" quite as drastic. And, if you care about the opinions of The Powers That Be, the United States Board of Geographic Names changed their official name for the city to "Kyiv", and that source tends to inform how place names are written in the Anglophone editing/publishing world. So we're likely to see more of "Kyiv" in future, I reckon :P


So we're likely to see more of "Kyiv" in future, I reckon :P



Kiev is the latinized word for the Russian name of the city, Киев. Kyiv is the latinized word for the Ukrainian name of the city, Київ.


What is that? Everything in Ukrainian but the capitol has to be spelled in Russian?


I'm still unsure when to use a dash for "to be". I expected a dash in this sentence.

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