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" súile gorma agam agus gruaig fhada orm."

Translation:I have blue eyes and long hair.

October 16, 2015



So tá súile AGAT ach tá gruaig ORT. Cad faoi rudaí eile, cluas, cos, srl??


If I left out the 2nd "I have" in that sentence, the owl would not let me away with it!...There are 2 yeah?!


Too true ! Most of the owl's translations insist that two separate agam/orm produce separate "have"s. But they are wrong here !


Tá sé fíor fúmsa.


Why is it 'gorma' rather than 'gorm'? (Similarly, in an earlier sentence, 'ghearr' rather than 'gearr'.) Seems to be a spelling change due to how those words are used in the sentence, or maybe they're plural, but I'm uncertain of what's happening.


súile gorma is plural (one eye, as far as I can tell, would be súil ghorm, with lenited adjective because súil is feminine).


Is there any reason why I "have" blue eye but long hair is "on" me?


They say on the notes on this lesson that people have hair on them. Seems like that's just how it is in Irish!


Ah, I'm on the mobile app so didn't see the notes. Thanks!


Is it just me, or is the speaking audio much quieter than the notification audio? If I turn the volume up enough to hear the speaking, then the notification is too loud. It's not like that on the Esperanto course and there doesn't seem to be any option to adjust the different volumes separately, but maybe I did just mess it up myself.


It's not just you - all of the audio on the Irish course was replaced this week, and the general audio level is lower than most people would like. A request has been submitted to Duolingo engineering staff to see if it can be fixed, but there isn't any word back yet.


@Knocksedan, I got all excited when I read your note about the audio being replaced “this week”...then I saw that this was 4 years ago.


Ah, okay. Thank you! I generally only use the app and not the website version, so I never saw that.


You're missing a lot if you only use the app. The question are a lot easier and often too obvious, and the tips nad notes are missing


should we repeat the verb or can we omit it, as in English (and French)

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