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"Bu boy için bu kilo sağlıklı değil."

Translation:This weight is not healthy for this height.

October 16, 2015



I can't understand why this construction is backwards. I read it as "This height for this weight is unhealthy," therefore: "This height is unhealthy for this weight."


"This weight for this height is not healthy." should be accepted


what about using size instead of height... ?


I have never heard of using "size" in this sense (especially if you use the word "this" instead of a possessive modifier in front of it [your size]). Also, when I think of "size" I rarely think of height and almost always think of weight when referring to a physical measurement of a being.

That being said, if you were ordering a pizza, you do use the word "boy" for size, but it doesn't really work in this context :)

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